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In the future there
will be a company that will invent
a better stabilization process.
It will be us.

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Soil quality may change over the
course of a path. The result shouldn't.
We guarantee homogeneously
compacted soil from A to Z.

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40 years of experience give
us the confidence to say
“we know what we're talking about”.

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Our ground resists all.
Torrential rain. Extreme temperatures.
And the most demanding cost controllers.

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How do you build roads on desert dunes?
Our R&D&i department has the answer.

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All grounds are different.
You have to find the perfect formula
for each of them.

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We don't sell a product.
We sell the solution.


Because a country’s progress is a long path to travel.
And we have 40 years of experience behind us.

We are an international group specialized in the stabilization of roads and highways.

At Stabilizia we stabilize soil roads and road bases starting from the materials that compose the natural soil itself. We formulate with the best products of the international market, studying the tailor made solutions, with guaranteed quality.

Unique machinery and formulation, unique solutions.



Our method is unique in the world. Effective. Smart. And environmentally friendly.

Our experience has led us to design a unique method. An effective, intelligent method. Ensuring optimum results. All that with an absolute respect for the environment. Stabilizing soils “in situ”. Without the need to provide external material.

With a formula adapted to each soil, with its particular features. Because each ground is different.

We use a unique machinery designed by our own R&D&i which ensures a perfect and consistent implementation of our formula in every step of the way. And we use the best products that the international market can offer.

The result: we get evenly compacted soil all the way. Soils with a high resistance. In any weather adversity, heavy rains or extreme temperatures. With durability for many years.


Count the advantages and judge for yourself. We sell specific solutions for each soil.
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Our Showspace

 Before applying the formula in the field we apply it at home. And we share it with our customers. We work with full transparency.
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Investing in R&D&i is the key to the progress

In permanent evolution.

Our Technical Directors in R&D&i, accumulate 30 years of experience in the development and projection of technology systems, products and methods of execution, all of them linked to the field of construction, constructive solution conditions and soil stabilization.

The constant search of new products, systems and technologies, put us in continuous technical progress which is reflected in the constant improvement of our methods of implementation, supported by a few products that have been chosen between the best in the world market, offer appropriate and tailored solutions to each project.

The field and laboratory work give us an overview for industrial good results in soil stabilization.

Investment in R&D&i is the key to the progress. Ours and our customers’.


A Letter From Our CEO

To build bases of stabilized soil, resistant to traffic and weather, is a task that requires quality materials, specialized equipment and a developed technique of execution.

To successfully integrate liquid stabilizers, solid mineral additives and the natural ground itself, it is necessary to adopt other methodologies to conventional work , as it is no longer possible to work with the usual methods of earthmoving and compaction. And to work with these bases without using filler material, is more complex and requires greater specialization.

Our motto “building progress”, is the true reflection of our product and work philosophy. A friendly product that combines environmental quality, durability and good economic performances. Because we contribute to development and progress wherever we work.

Your soil is our product. We work all kinds of natural surfaces. Soils ” in situ”, jobs that do not involve the need to provide selected aggregates. Organic mineral additives, eco sustainable stabilizers… efficiency in the application.

In Stabilizia we repeatedly work contributing to the care of our planet.

On one hand, reducing or avoiding the extraction of minerals and materials affecting the earth’s crust. On the other, greatly lowering the  COfootprint by reducing pollution. We do this for example by reducing vehicle traffic since it is not necessary to provide material further afield.

This reduction of the CO2 footprint is triple considering that to the previous reductions we add the reduction of all the working time, reducing CO2 emissions generated by our own machines, necessary to build our road bases, roads and airports.

Our mineral additives and liquid stabilizers are they all organic and environmentally sustainable. It is our premise. 

A whole set of solutions and actions that, using green materials and effective work systems, result in good solutions for the infrastructure of the country or region without damaging the environment.

A good job for the benefit of all.

My own personal history is linked to the environment, the soil, the field, the land. And anyone who intends to use and shape the environment to grow and develop it for others, should be aware that doing this is attacking and hurting himself and the common scenario. Otherwise he will not be loyal to his roots and to our mother Earth.

Let’s bring progress and prosperity , but let’s leave a low footprint on the natural environment. And let us never forget that the planet is unique and everyone’s.

Kind regards, 

Hans Ehlis