Stabilizia is constituted by a diverse group of founders.

Our Construction Technical Department has more than 18 years of daily experience in the control and organization of the tasks related to earthmoving, compaction of soils and various types of public works.

The gradual implementation of soil stabilization systems using unconventional methods has led us to design a mechanical   execution of a methodology based on our own system and machinery.

Knowing all machine types , brands, model and features, helps our team with the practice of daily field work.

Quality and productivity are associated with the working method and therefore the development of the execution is part of their daily duties.

Our  R&D&I Technical Department has 30 years of experience in the development and projection of technological  systems, products and methods of execution, all of them linked to the field of construction, constructive solution conditions and soil stabilization .

The constant search for new products , systems and technologies put us in continuous technical progress which is reflected in the gradual improvement of our already well-developed methods of execution, which are well supported by some products that have been chosen from the best in the world market, offering tailored solutions to each project.

The field and laboratory work give us overview for industrial good results in soil stabilization .

Our management team brings expertise in structuring international business profiles, legal organization , administrative, international management and management of long-term growth .

We have the best professionals in their sector; legal, marketing , advertising and image teams. This heterogeneity of profiles creates a perfect symbiosis . And makes us ambitious. We want to lead in terms of the quality of the executions of stabilization ” in situ” .

And we also invest continuously in R&D&I , including in our formulations new products that  appear in the market, and developing new machinery own prototypes, to improve the final result of our work.