We are applicators. We do not sell product.

Formulation . We study each case in terms of:

a) Type of soil
b ) Future Traffic
c ) Weather conditions

The use of copolymers of vinyl in the “in situ” stabilization ensures problems in executions in environments with very low temperatures and also under high humidity .

Our research team has already solved this problem .


Our equipment allows homogeneous dosing , even with slopes, desert sand …  muds and clays.


Technical direction

Building roads Technicians are displaced on site, as responsible for the various constructive actions in each phase of the project that has been previously designed .


Our road bases or rural and forest roads have consistent quality in all its stabilized volume. We guarantee a minimum resistance for each soil type and technical demands , from Km 0 to the end of the road.

The appearance of each of these bases or roads, is directly linked to the quality grading of each treated soil , since our products do not change the natural appearance presented by these soils.

They are completely environment friendly solutions and they blend into the landscape in a total sense. If for traffic needs or other reasons it is necessary to differentiate these magnificent road infrastructure , it is possible to color and color contrast them because we have a color chart that can be incorporated into our work. Green , black as asphalt, gray , ocher , … different colors for different situations differentiating environmental interests .

All our results are slabs or road bases that last much longer than traditional, against the traffic of vehicles and without being affected by their own use or the weather. They can be arranged in natural finishes , or improve the bearing performance with an asphalt , increasing life almost to eternity.

The asphalt layer provided as a sort of skin, may also be of minimum thickness , again contributing to a high quality and savings in construction costs.