Without professionalism and experience can not be expected  good results.

The current market of stabilization :

Some executions with stabilizing products that can be found on the market suffer from a lack of professionalism in the execution.

Whether for lack or misuse of mechanical media or trespass into the profession of sellers liquids.

Many products have similar benefits in dry soils and high temperatures . But these same products subject to continued increases in humidity or if the same products are used for all types of soil , traffic forecast or local weather, are subjected  to degradations that finally forgo the investment made, and discredit a work system that should be the traditional standard, considering its success.

In Stabilizia we want stabilization “in situ ” occupying the place it deserves in the market of building traffic infrastructures , as well as its undeniable technical quality gives enormous social benefits by allowing local development and always reducing ecological effects.

Did you know, for example, that if stabilization is made only with vinyl copolymers there will be problems if the soil moisture increases again once  the way is  “stabilized”? .

Inform yourselve always before adopting a solution concerning an infrastructure that should last a generation.

Did you know that many cohesionless soils can be improved combining  only 3 types of stabilizing elements ? . A great solution for countries with a lot of sand .

Did you know that some products are extremely slippery and always require asphalt to prevent accidents ? . The work method and products adopted by the Stabilizia system , always provide the grip needed to safely drive since the original abrasion of a natural soil remains .

Others require wearing course … and defile tremendously!

The business of soil stabilization , has its Achilles heel in each company ‘s ability to provide continuous uniformity and overall quality in the solution for a natural soil to stabilize it across thousands of m3 maintaining the technical performances of the project .

It has to be strong, durable and water- insoluble .

Therefore, product and  execution are not independent.

Only the correct intersection of these two sets of work offers consistent quality results in the execution.

That’s why our product is your stabilized soil . We never forget it .

A quality end result , which is directly related to the actual ability to incorporate and mix homogeneously and  in a industrialized way liquid products, mineral powder additives , water and other natural soils unchecked. Quite a challenge .

Something that may seem simple a priori, but in the daily reality of the field work, is as complex as are the different soils and different situations presented throughout the world.

The mechanical technology used in its executions and the prior research in laboratory incorporating all technical solutions of Stabilizia, allow satisfactory results in a industrial way and effectively in any situation and type of soil . Guaranteed .

Ours is an  activity closely linked to our environment and we provide a working system that offers major environmental benefits over traditional building systems.

Firstly , avoiding the removal of aggregates which affect the earth crust as contribution of selected material is not necessary .

As a second and indirect but no less important aspect, to contribute to the reduction of the CO2 footprint shape .

Avoiding fuel consumption by minimal or no transport of aggregates to the area of work and reducing working time during the process itself in stabilizing soils.