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Our Formulation

We are applicators. We do not sell product.

Formulation. We study each case based on:

Soil typology

future traffic

Weather conditions

The use of vinyl copolymers in “in situ” stabilization guarantees  problems in applications in environments with very low temperatures and also under high humidity.

Our research team has already solved this problem well.


Each project is different and each floor is unique. 

The laboratory shows with data, if the planned dosages and combinations cover the needs of each project.

Our system guarantees that the stabilizer products in solution are incorporated into the soil in their correct dosage per m3 of soil.

We work the granulometry with the material of each site (without the contribution of correction aggregates), mixed with one or several quality liquid stabilizer products and a dosed mineral additive, it manages to be an unalterable soil against water and the use to which it has been put. intended.

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