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Building stabilized soil bases, resistant to traffic and weather, is a task that requires quality materials, specialized machinery and a developed application technique.

Our history

In order to integrate liquid stabilizers, solid mineral additives and the natural soil itself, work methodologies different from the conventional ones must be adopted, so it is no longer possible to work with the usual methods of earthmoving and compaction. And that these stabilized bases are on natural soils without the need for contributions of selected materials, is even more complex and requires more specialization.

Our motto, "Building Progress", is the faithful reflection of our product and work philosophy. An environmentally friendly product that combines quality, durability and good economic results. Because we contribute to development and progress wherever we operate.

Your floor is our product. We work all kinds of natural terrain. Soils "in situ", works that do not involve the need to provide selected aggregates. Ecological mineral additives, eco-sustainable stabilizers... efficiency in the application.

At Stabilizia we work repeatedly contributing to the care of our planet.

On the one hand, reducing or avoiding the extraction of materials and minerals that affect our earth's crust. On the other, greatly reducing the CO2 footprint by reducing pollution. We do it, for example, by reducing the circulation of vehicles since it is not necessary to provide material from other more remote areas.

This reduction in the CO2 footprint is triple if we consider that to the previous reductions we add the decrease in working times for the entire project, once again reducing the CO2 emissions generated by our own machines necessary to be able to build our bases. highways, roads or airports.

Our mineral additives and liquid stabilizers are all ecological and environmentally sustainable. It is our premise. 

A whole set of solutions and actions that using ecological materials and effective work systems, result in good solutions for the infrastructures of the country or region without damaging the natural environment.

Good job for everyone.

My own personal history is linked to the environment, to the soil, to the field, to the land. And anyone who intends to use and shape the environment to develop themselves and develop it for others must be aware that they cannot do so by attacking and harming their own common scenario. Otherwise it will not be faithful to its roots or to our mother Earth.

Let's bring progress, let's bring prosperity, but let's leave the minimum footprint on the natural environment. And let us never forget   that the planet is unique and belongs to everyone.

A cordial greeting,

Hans Ehlis


I am always in search of new opportunities. Let's connect.

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