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What do we do?

Stabilizia method

The gradual implementation of soil stabilization systems using unconventional methods has led us to be able to designa mechanical application methodology based on our own system and machinery.

Field and laboratory work provide us withoverviewto get goodindustrial resultsin soil stabilization. 

An effective and reliable technique that provides natural floors with resistance and durability against use and climatic effects.  

Meter by meter, until the final kilometer, it is necessary to have an industrialized system that is not very dependent on human sensations, a system based on the rigor of the formulation.

In tune with the global trend, we provide a solution without impact on the environment.

The Stabilizia method provides all the knowledge and the necessary steps to have control and technical security throughout the development of the work, from the beginning to the end.Preserving the environment and providing technical rigor and absolute control of the final results.  


Knowledge of the soil, formulation, stabilizer products, advanced solutions, method and machines. Basic premises that will allow the designer of pavements or the technician in the execution of the works, have confidence and security to achieve the final objective.  

Advantages and benefits


High-performance roads and highways built exclusively with natural soil and with a minimum contribution of selected material in some cases.


Higher load capacities than those required in the construction of stabilized roads with or without wearing course. We stabilize at depth from 30 cm.


Durability and resistance to excess or lack of water.


Integrated ditch and wearing course system to give roads asphalt performance.


Cost reduction of the surface layer.


Shorter construction times and almost immediate circulation.


High productivity: optimization of direct and indirect costs.


Respects the environment due to the system used, reduction of CO2 emissions in the transport of land extraction and mineral input, less asphalt layer and we do not intervene in quarries.

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